There's no substitute for old-world craftsmanship and experience when it comes to your natural stone floors.

Our services are offered to both residential and commercial customers. Every project, large or small, is unique, and we would be happy to provide you with a free personal estimate. For large projects, we prefer to perform the desired procedure on a small sample area for your approval.

We have a special love and affinity for mid-century, Victorian, and Craftsman design aesthetics.


Using the time-tested "three-stone" grinding and polishing technique, we offer full restoration of terrazzo, marble, travertine, limestone, pre-cast terrazzo tile, and other natural stone surfaces.

Combined with heavy scrubbing and professional sealing, this process restores the original full luster and high-gloss shine of the stone and removes up to 98% of most stains and discoloration. Our process restores the original mirror-like shine and helps protect the surface from future damage and discoloration.


The same procedure we use on flooring can be performed on natural stone tables and kitchen or bathroom countertops–including granite. We can also clean, stain, fill, and seal grout joints.


You might be surprised that our expertise and commitment to quality often costs less than services from big corporate providers. Don't pay extra for large overhead and expensive advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company do residential work?

Yes. Most big refinishing companies will only accept commercial jobs (especially for terrazzo projects), but we would be delighted to restore your home's floors or countertops. Virtually no job is too small. Of course, we can accommodate larger commercial projects too.

How much will it cost to restore my floors?

It's impossible to say until we've seen the condition of your floor and discussed what service you require. We offer several services like complete grinding, polishing, professional sealing, buffing, chip and crack repair, stain removal, and grout repair.

We will be happy to come to your location free of charge, discuss what needs to be done, and provide you with an estimate of the costs. Since we are a small, hands-on company with relatively low overhead, we can provide state-of-the-art results usually at a significantly lower price than our larger competitors.

We strongly advise you to get multiple estimates before choosing a contractor.

Is my terrazzo floor really worth saving? Maybe I should just cover it with ceramic tile, laminate or carpet?

Your choice of floor covering is a matter of taste, and the options you listed are certainly reasonable alternatives. But for durability and sheer beauty, it's hard to beat terrazzo. In most cases, we can make your terrazzo shine like glass, and its durability is the reason you see terrazzo as the floor of choice in high-traffic environments like banks, schools, airports and government buildings.

Realtors often tell us that a home with terrazzo flooring in good condition is worth $15,000 to $25,000 more than the same home without it.

The main reason you don't see terrazzo in new homes today is because the labor and skill required have made it prohibitively expensive to install. For instance, to pour and finish 1,400 square feet of good onyx terrazzo in a new home would cost $60,000 to $80,000! So, if you have a home or business with existing terrazzo, you really have a very valuable asset.

My floor has areas that are discolored or stained. Can you fix that, and how do I prevent it from recurring?

Yes, in most cases, we can eliminate or mitigate discoloration and staining. However, not all stains are equal, so we have to inspect your floor to determine the nature and depth of the problem. The cause of most stains is simple: exposure to acids. Terrazzo and marble are composed of mostly calcium carbonate which reacts chemically with even very weak acids.

Here is a small list of common household acids: soft drinks, wine, many leading floor cleaning products, pet and human urine, most bathtub and toilet cleaners, even tap water in some areas. You get the idea.

To make things worse, these floors are generally quite porous, which allows spills and drips to soak-in and do damage. The two-fold solution is just as simple: (1) Wipe up spills when they occur so they don't have time to interact with the floor. (2) Most importantly, keep your floor professionally sealed. The sealer fills pores and acts as a barrier between the floor and damaging agents. If you decide to seal the floor yourself, please be sure that the sealer is pH neutral. Some sealers are acidic and can actually harm your floor. Unless you really, really know what you're doing, it's best to call in a pro.

Are you guys really Italian, and can I place football bets with you?

No, we're Italian-American. We don't take bets, we've never put a competitor in the trunk of a car, and we don't know Tony Soprano.
Over 50 Years of Family Craftsmanship

My name is John Calarco, the owner of John Calarco Terrazzo & Marble Floor Restoration Co. Here is a brief history of my company and its origin.

My father, Domenic Calarco, was born in 1930 and raised in the south of Italy in the small town of Locri. At the age of eighteen, he joined the military in Rome and served two and a half years. Then, as he made his way to the south of France, he learned many trades. These trades included brick laying, building homes out of stone and cement, carpentry, tile setting, and floor restoration.

When Domenic arrived in the south of France, he met a man who gave him a job restoring marble and terrazzo floors. That's where he mastered the art polishing and restoring natural stone floors. Later, Domenic started his own company in France, restoring floors for about ten years. He restored marble and terrazzo floors for many wealthy customers, including several homes owned by Pablo Picasso.

Around that time, he met and married my mother, had two kids and eventually decided to come to America. The family left France in 1965 and traveled by passenger ship to the U.S.A. They made their way to Houston, Texas, and in 1968, my father started one of the very first marble and terrazzo floor restoration companies in Houston. He used the finest floor polishing machines from Italy (which I still use today) and the best Italian stone polishing materials. During his 35 years working in Houston, Domenic restored floors in hundreds of homes in subdivisions like Meyerland, Glenbrook Valley, Memorial, and River Oaks–including the home of Mohammed Ali.

I began working for my father in 1991 at the age of eighteen. With a true craftsman as my mentor, I learned all of his skills and techniques. Perhaps more importantly, Domenic taught me the love of natural stone and to take pride in a job done the right way. My father passed away in 2001, and we miss him dearly. Following in my father's footsteps, I started my own business in 2004, but I feel like I started in 1991.

Many people are still looking for Domenic to come restore their floors today. When they see the last name Calarco, they are very happy to know that the tradition of craftsmanship that my father began fifty years ago lives on. I tell all my customers that not only am I the owner, but, like my father, I do the work myself to assure ultimate perfection.

Not every customer is a Picasso, but every natural stone floor is a work of art. I would consider it an honor to restore your work of art.

John Calarco, Owner

John Calarco just restored the terrazzo floors in both my bathrooms, and they look like new. In 1993, John and his father restored the terrazzo in my entrance hall, and it still looks fantastic. John is a polite, conscientious craftsman, and I definitely recommend his services. Their rates are reasonable, and their work is outstanding.

John recently restored the terrazzo in my home. He was able to get out many of the stains, remove buildup and wear from the previous owner who did little to maintain the floors. The floors now shine like glass, and I couldn't be happier. John was always on time and completed the job a day early. His prices were very reasonable.

John Calarco beautifully restored nearly 1500 square feet of terrazzo in my Glenbrook Valley home. He could have cut corners to save himself time and money, but good enough won't do with this guy. He takes the results personally. I got the feeling he wanted to sign my floor when he finished. If he'd asked, I'd have let him.

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